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How to grow your business using the power of Instagram videos

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You Know Just How Powerful Instagram Can Be
You see other stylists out there just killing it on Instagram: the thousands of adoring fans, the jam packed appointment books, and the product endorsements seemingly falling into their laps.


You know you've got the skills.

You definitely have the drive and motivation.

You chose hair as a profession because it's what you love to do.

Your style is on-point. Your passion oozes through.


Your new followers are just barely trickling in. (Especially after the changes to the Algorithm)

Maybe you still struggle to fill your chair.

And, you're not booking the "right" (aka "high-paying") clients so that you can finally get paid what you're worth.

Imagine This...
  • You start gaining hundreds, even thousands of new followers
  • Your following is actively engaged and loving everything you post
  • You have more clients than you can handle
  • You're getting booked up months and months in advance
  • Your favorite brands start seeking you out as an influencer
  • And, you're finally getting paid your worth. Like, doubling your income --or more.
This Is Not A Pipe Dream!

You can create all of this and more for yourself. And, it's not as hard as you might think!!

I'm Going To Tell You The Secret To Making It "Big" On Instagram

And it's not about mastering hashtags or how well you brand yourself.

Yes, that's part of it, but...
Those who grow on Instagram: they post video.
You don't have to take my word for it, just look around Instagram at all of the most successful stylists... they all post videos.

Sounds pretty simple, right?
That's because it is! You'll still have to do the work, but its not as difficult as you might think.

Here's the catch, though: Not all videos are created beat the Instagram Algorithm and make sure your work is seen, everything has to be just right (As in right content, right lighting, and more).

Getting it "right" takes experience and finesse.

The Instagram Algorithm has been making life difficult for everyone.

If you don't adapt to the new reality on Instagram your following will shrink, the clients will stop calling, and you won't be able to replace them with the old marketing tactics.

The only way around this problem is to give Instagram what they want...Videos

And they will give you what you want...Followers

It doesn't matter if you have 100, or 100K followers, creating Instagram Videos is a skill you NEED if you want to grow and monetize your following.

Over the last couple of years I have been teaching stylists like you how to make compelling Instagram videos, videos that go viral...but I didn't have enough time teach as many stylists as wanted to learn.

And That's Exactly Why I Created

The Proven Strategy for creating videos that beat the Instagram Algorithm and go Viral - designed specifically for hair stylists.

Viral videos aren't lucky...they follow a simple formula

If you're ready to stop spinning your wheels & start learning the absolute best strategies for growing your Instagram, then please take advantage of this incredible opportunity to learn from experts.


Let Greg teach you the formula for perfect videos

  • Learn the perfect video formula, the exact format nearly every viral video on Instagram follows
  • The exact process for lighting, filming, and editing your videos
  • Learn how the Instagram algorithm works and what you can do to beat it

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